Atlanta Prison Farm – just a glimpse

The Atlanta Prison Farm has a rich but largely undocumented history, and its future is uncertain at this time. I’ll write more about both of those later, as I learn more. Currently, it’s about 400 acres of woods and pasture with some beautiful rolling open spaces, ponds and streams. There is a wide variety of manmade stuff here as well, from loads of junk dumped by the city, to old barracks and work buildings left over from the prison farm, all in various stages of decay.

I love the way the earth takes back abandoned buildings and makes them wild again over a relatively short period of time. Even a place with toxic risks (such as asbestos and rat poison) eventually becomes a natural habitat again. We saw a number of deer on the hike out there, and I heard the call of a redtail hawk but never saw him. I’m sure there was much more wildlife out there that we didn’t see.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to photograph the natural beauty of this place. My first trip there, I broke the first rule of UrbEx and neglected to charge my camera battery. My camera died after only a few shots, but here’s what I got.