John B Gordon School

The John B. Gordon School in East Atlanta was named after John Brown Gordon, who was the son of a preacher man, a University of Georgia student and a brigadier general during the Civil War. He was a senator from 1873 to 1880, and went on to become Governor of Georgia in 1886. He’s buried in Oakland Cemetery, and there’s a statue of him riding a horse at the Georgia State Capitol.

John B. Gordon School class play photo, 1936.

JBG School class play photo, 1936. The kids are dressed in costumes representing people from different countries. Credit: Georgia Archives

But this post isn’t about General Gordon, it’s about the elementary school, which was built in 1909 as the East Atlanta School by Battle & Barili. At some point, I suspect around 1925, the school was renamed for John B. Gordon, but I haven’t found a source for that yet. There was an addition built in 1934.

JBG School, 1958. Credit: Jerry L. Bowen

According to a related Facebook group, in the 1950s there was an A&W Root Beer drive-in across the street. In the 60s, local kids liked to stop at Charlie’s Hamburgers and the East Atlanta Pharmacy’s soda fountain, where you could get cherry Cokes (5 cents), lime sours, and hot dogs (10 cents). Mayberry, anyone?

The John B. Gordon school closed in 1995. Two years later, the property was purchased for $200,000 by Inman Park Properties, who intended to convert it to the J. B. Gordon Lofts, to begin leasing in 2006. Then, as with many IPP properties in Atlanta, it sat empty and forgotten for more than ten years. The loft conversion never happened, and the property was foreclosed on in early 2009, under a debt load of more than $4 million. The building is currently for sale, listed as a “Premium Development Opportunity” or “Flex Space” at $1.65 million for 41,000 square feet.

I don’t know whether the school will eventually be renovated or torn down, but in the meantime, this old brick building once filled with children quietly decays. Despite the likely presence of asbestos and other chemicals, the earth is beginning to reclaim her. Here’s how she looks today.

April 2015 update:
The John B. Gordon school was purchased about a year after I took these photos by Paces Properties, who planned a $15 million project to demolish the building and build high-end rental units. In April 2014, a fire broke out in the upper floor of the west wing and burned much of the wing and the roof. Demolition began in January of 2015. Paces Properties reportedly plans to use some reclaimed brick from the original building in the new construction, and word is that the new Old Fourth Distillery is repurposing some of the school’s marble, so some parts of this historic East Atlanta landmark will live on. As disappointing as it is that the building couldn’t be preserved, I feel very fortunate that I was able to capture these photographs before the school was gone forever.

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  1. I enjoyed the photos and commentary. I have gone to a number of locations and shot the outside, but was to chicken to go inside.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I went to Gordon back in 1979, and would just Love to be able to go inside. The very best school ever!! I also went to Roosevelt high, and used to hang out in the old prison across the street from it. With my girlfriend Angela Finch, and a couple of her brothers, Shawn and Anthony Finch.

      • Do you have any old photos from when you were there? I am doing a piece on this school and I was hoping to get some photos of the students and what the school used to look like.

        • Sorry I dont have any pictures from back then, I wish that I did. I can remember it in my head, the parts that I can Recall. I do know that it was a Really was a great school, I loved it. I was 13 years old back then, I spent most of my time in Dr. Chandlers office, or out getting high on weed. However I do recall a lot from back then.

        • Maria, if you’re still interested in “old photos” taken at JBG, I was a student there around 1948 and I have a class photo. Gloria (Bennett) Melancon

  2. Thanks for the article, I attended John B Gordon as a child we lived on Haas, Ave. I am now 60 yrs old, I was raised in East Atlanta by my grandmother. I have a sister Betty who passed away 5 years ago. I had to leave Atlanta when I was 11 years old, because my grandmother passed away and I ended up in SC. I and my sister Betty did make a trip back ( home) before she got ill, we visited where we had lived and also visited the school. All of it broke my heart everything was different and the school was in shambles. I have the fondest memories of John B Gordon as my years in Atlanta mean so much to me.I was so young and can only rmember a few names of school mates Debra Wheeler, Joe Abrams and a teacher by the name of Mayfiled I think. Brown Park however was still the same and my old hoola hoop that I threw atop the lil picnic building in the park was still there when I visited. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes basking in memories that I cherish from my heart.. Thanj You for sharing..
    Jackie Polk

    • Do you have any old photos from when you were there? I am doing a piece on this school and I was hoping to get some photos of the students and what the school used to look like.
      I hope to hear back from you!

        • Me and my brothers went here I was in kidergarden in 1967 .my brothers where older oconners.could you send me pics.

  3. Hello, I just wanted to know if there is a way I can get permission to go into this building. I’m a SCAD-Atlanta photography major and I’m currently doing a project on abandoned buildings. I am very interested in taking photos of the interior. Thanks for the help!

  4. I have pictures of the inside of John b Gordon They had marble stalls in the bathrooms. I went to Gordon my first year was 1940 until 1949

  5. I too went to school here in the 50’s. I loved John B Gordon. I remember drinking ice cold Mathis dairy milk from glass bottles with cardboard tops in the lunchroom. My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Miller. We lived off of Glenwood on Gift avenue. At 6 years old, I could walk to school alone. Those days are gone, and I sure do miss them

    • Kinda’ sad seeing the elements taking over. Anyone remember the Fire Station on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Glenwood? There was a fireman, we called Red because of his red hair, who would talk to us and kid us.

      Kindergarten – Miss Lawson
      1st Grade – Mrs. J. E. Miller
      2nd Grade – Mrs. Strickland
      3rd Grade – Mrs. Osburn (when we learned cursive writing)
      4th Grade – Mrs. Thrasher
      5th Grade – Mrs. Nancy Calhoun, prettiest teacher I ever had. She was only 1/2 year because she was pregnant.
      5th Grade – 2nd half Mrs. Reynolds (we all hated her, she took Ms Calhoun’s place)
      6th Grade – Mr. Lyndon Brandon (my first male teacher)
      7th Grade – Mrs. Jones/Mrs. Miller

      7th Grade, I was a hall monitor and my friend and neighbor was a Moreland Avenue street crossing guard, when a citizen slowed to tell him that President Kennedy had been shot. He quietly entered the school, to the principal’s office and told an adult what he had been told.

      Then a big announcement over the P.A. system. Shock – Parents came for the children.
      We had dance classes to learn the Virginia Wheel, the Fox Trot, B-I-N-G-O and music classes to sing.
      Huge playground. I slapped a boy’s face for the first and last time on that playground.

      Loved our library, I read all the Walter Farley books they had. I started band in the 4th Grade, percussion.

      Lots of memories there at JBG. Lots.

      • Phyllis – I remember Red. Can you believe he was later a parent of one of my 2nd grade students? I met him on parent/career day when he came to talk to my class. Was the patrol you’re speaking of Charles? I saw him recently at Pilgreen’s when EAH class met there. Did you graduate EA or move before then? With you in band and me in choir, it threw off our schedules, so I don’t think we had classes together in high school. So, so sad about John B. Gordon. I see it often when I go by there or down to Martha Brown Methodist for homecoming each year. Typical Atlanta . . . tear down anything historical!

      • I remember there being a fire station at the corner of Flat Shoals and Metropolitan Avenue. I went 1952 – 1960. I had a sister and older brother, and my twin brother, and a younger brother who all went there. Sad to see it go down as it has.

        I had Mrs. Mizel – kindergarent
        Ms. Woods – 1st grade
        can’t remember 2nd grade teacher
        Ms. Sutton – 3rd grade.
        can’t remember 4th grade teacher
        Ms. Piasick – 5th Grade
        Ms. Smith – 6th Grade
        Ms. Miller and 2 other teachers in 7th grade…the first year that we had 3 different teachers and changed classes.

    • I went to Gordon in 1979, and lived on Gleanwood Place. Those were the best days ever!

      • Do you have an old yearbook? I really need to get some photos of this school when there were students in it.

        • we didn’t have yearbooks, at least as of when I ‘graduated’ in 1960. We only had class pictures, some of which I do have.

  6. John B. Gordon was the first school I attended when the family moved from a little po-dunk Nawth Carrahlyyyna* town to the great, wonderful and entirely sinful metropolis of Atlanta.
    My first memory of JBG Ele. was on the way up the steps to meet my new classmates and home-room teacher (Ms. Miller! would ya believe it?) was encountering the vast and imposing oil portrait of The General on the wall of the landing halfway up to the second floor. About fifty feet wide and a hunnert feet tall it seemed to nearly reach the ceiling**.
    7th Grade on the second floor was a concept entirely new to me. Heretofore I had only attended “Flat-Earth Type” schools of only one floor and that one was on the bottom of the roof.
    Top row first picture. Gutter to the Right of Entrance. second floor full-size window to the right of gutter was one of my home-room class windows. Peculiarly large windows they were and very accommodating to bored 7th grade boys as we would silently, surreptitiously bounce our toes causing a sympathetic and noisome vibration therefrom and thereby earning the unfailing and relentless enmity of poor Ms. Miller. The small(er) window just to the left of the Rt. hand gutter was the book-room and chemical storage for fizz-ical science class. I wasn’t allowed within a hectare of getting in there as I had indiscreetly let on that I had invented a superior form of gunpowder just prior to coming to Atlanta and was altogether willing to try my idea of urban-renewal, Sherman style, had I been given but half the chance.
    Top row third picture. Taken from, what was then, rather near home-plate. They should’a known better. Mr. Lynn Brandon, my English & History teacher, would sometimes take an at bat with us. Of course, the result was a ball out of play. Mostly because it went clean out of sight, over the school and beyond to smash into something or t’other. Our ability to pay attention in 4th period decreased in direct proportion to the results of baseball artillery.
    Bottom row, first picture. There are no words in the entire lexicon of the Southern Language to describe the effluvia of a 60 year old elementary school boys bathroom.
    None. But the genuine marble stalls were, perhaps, an honest, if impossible, effort to “…guild the nettles”.
    No surprise to see no pictures of the cafeteria as no one should have to go spelunking to fetch them. For that’s where it was, in the basement. We reflected that it was just as well not to have but a dim view of what got served. And by whom. Creepy place to hang a feed-bag.
    Wish I had that portrait now.

    *Southerns can easily get a dozen syllables from any ol’ word. I have deliberately trimmed it down so as not to strain inquiring Yankees who think they can read Southern Literature. And comprehend it.
    **Perhaps this view was somewhat influenced by the bare fact that I was flat on my back at the time, having tripped up on one of the many furrows in those well trodden wooden floors.

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  9. I have fond memories of Gordon school. My grandmother Mrs. Shackleford was the school secretary until about 1990 or so. And yes, the lunchroom was in the basement. I always walked with Dr. Chandler across the street for Wendy’s or KFC…

    Thank you for posting the pictures. My grandmother was impressed at them and said that was the best it ever looked lol.

    • I went to Gordon in 1979, and I loved it. I think that I spent most of my time in Dr. Chandlers office. As a matter of fact he asked me what color he should paint his office one day, I said blue, and thats the color he had it painted. Lol. I lived on Gleanwood Place back then, and met my very first girlfriend at Gordon. Her name is Angela Finch, and she lived on Florida St.. I would Love to see her again, and I would Love to be allowed to go into the school again to have a good look around. those was the very best days in my life so far. I hate that they have let the place go down so bad, it is a real shame.

  10. The history of Charlies Hamburgers or Charlies Place as it was commonly called goes further back than the 60s. I grew up in the East Atlanta area and remember my Dad taking us to eat at Charlies when I was very little as far back as 1950. and in the mid 50s riding our bikes up Glenwood to go to the Madison Theather we would always stop at Charlies for a burger or chili dog befor going to the movies. I do not know how far back Charlies goes but I am now 67 so it was there at least 60 plus years.

    • Charlies had the worlds very best hamburgers ever, even to this day. I used to go there every single day for a hamburger, and a large glass of his tea. That was back in 1979, when I went to J.B. Gordon. Now you have made me hungry, LOL. I dont know how long he was there, but I wish that he was still there now.

      • Charlie’s hamburgers were great. I remember they were in a big pot and the lady would pull the burger out and onto the bun. Smelled good in there, too. Remember Two Points where Flat Shoals merged into Moreland Ave? Had carhop service. Loved that place. Went to JB Gordon 1950-1957. Loved it. We lived on McPherson, just before it dead ended (before they cut it through).

  11. Ramon Jones, Do you remember if Charlies Hamburgers was there on Glenwood back in the 40s?

  12. Yes. Charlies started right after WWII. I grew up south of you folks, off Delaware Ave. I found this site trying to find a way to duplicate Charlie’s gravy he soaked the burgers in before serving. Wow. My elementary school was Anne E. West.

    • Hi Lori, My sister and I when to school there between 1958 through 1969 I grew up in East Atlanta. I have been inside the old building a couple of times in the past 7 years. The building in open in many of area and due to homeless people and vagrants a fire was started in the office and did quite a bid of damage to the book room, office and the principal’s office and hall. I would like to get some pictures of it. I still have my grade school pictures. It was the best time growing up in East Atlanta. I lived on Newton Ave SE. Let me know if you are still interested in getting photos and I meet you there. Jerry H.

      • Jerry, would you know if asbestos is prevalent in the school? I would assume it is, and that’s the only thing preventing me from some urban exploration myself.

  13. I went to John B. Gordon in 1979, and I would Love to go inside for a look around. I knew a girl there that was my first girlfriend, her name is Angela Finch. I just cant believe the shape that it is in now, its a real shame. My name is Donnie Crosswhite, and I still live in Atlanta, Ga.. My E-Mail address is, just in case anyone out there cares to get in touch with me for any reason. And if you happen to know Angela Finch, then Please give her my E-Mail address, I would love to talk with her.

  14. A small group of photographers, myself included, went to the old school last Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 and had a great time capturing images of the deteriorating buildings. We even met 3 young ‘temporary residents’ who were very helpful in telling us which areas to avoid for safety reasons and guiding us to areas of interest. There is something strangely beautiful to me about old decaying buildings. This one yielded 300+ images for me alone. Perhaps it is the knowledge of what this place once was, or maybe the many layers of materials included in it’s construction, now visible in varying degrees throughout the building. I found myself facinated with the way the earth seems to be reclaiming it…there is even a tree growing from the debris in a second story classroom. Anyway, I am thankful to have had the opportunity…sometimes one just has to be brave and ‘just do it’. Today I read an article that tells me that the school may soon be gone…another casualty of progress…

  15. Doing an internet search I found this link. I actually went to John B. Gordon High School. It was located on Wallingford Dr., off of Tilson Road between 2nd Ave and Candler Rd. This is DeKalb County, Georgia in Decatur (out in the county not in the city limits). I graduated in 1970 and immediately left for my 30 years in the US Navy. Once I returned I learned that it became McNair Elementary. As close as I was to East Atlanta I never heard of the John B. Gordon school. Was it just elementary? We were fed from Leslie J. Steel, Tilson, and a few other elementary schools. At the time, Gordon High was grades 8-12. The building still stands today. As a matter of fact, if you need a copy of your transcript you have to write to McNail Elem.

    It was fun reading about your school. Seems like there were some fun times. My best to all of you!

    • I would love to go back there to visit it again my self, before they tear it down. I hate to have it tore down, it was the worlds Very Best school ever. Maybe I can go by there the first part of next month, when my check comes in. I went to school there in 1979, and my girlfriend at the time was Angela Finch. Maybe I will see you there, I will post ahead of time as to when I will be going there. It was just on the news this morning that some guy is looking to tear the place down, to build more condos.

    • This goes out to Everyone, I seen on the news a couple of times that the school might be getting tore down soon in order to build some condos or some such thing like that. I for one hate to see this happen, and I know that a Lot of others feel the same, this may be our last chance to visit the school. I am going to go visit the school, and take a few pictures on Sat Nov. 2 2013. I plan on being there at the school between the hours of 9am and 11am, I hope that I will see everyone there, most of all anyone that went to school there around 1978-79. I am also going to visit a couple of other places around the area, like the old fire station on the corner. I Really do Hope to see you all there, if you plan on going then Please post it here.

  16. Hi everyone! I’m a photographer from Chicago but my dad lives here in the Atlanta area. I’d love to photograph this location for an assignment I’m working on. Is anyone interested in going today Friday April 5th, 2013 or tomorrow Saturday April 6th, 2013? If not, what’s the area like to go in by myself (my last resort)? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


  17. I went to school here in 1954 and 55 I started in Miss Jones class and continued on to Miss Millers 7th grade class I still remember the whole greeting from French class.
    It was a fun time that was our first instructions to sex we viewed a film on the subject but not in a mixed class they split the girls from the boys, didn’t think to much about it back then! I left there and went to Murphy High School and later to John B Gordon High.

  18. These pictures bring back very fond memories. I grew up on Marbut Ave and walked to JBG up Metropolitan. It was a wonderful place as was the entire East Atlanta neighborhood. Coffee’s store at East Side and McPherson. Charlies Hamburgers on Glenwood and Moreland. The Madison on Saturdays. Ms. Clements 1st grade, Ms Strickland 2nd, Ms Mendian 3rd grade, very pretty. Ms Calhoun 4th grade. I would kiss her on the cheek every afternoon when we left class. Ms Smith 5th, Ms Srickland 6th and Johnson, Miller and Brandon for 7th. I cannot remember the principals name, but he was very nice and likable. I remember when he left. I attended between 1961-1967. Some of my classmates were Mike Holmes, Robin Hardeman, Judy Dycus, Richard Shockley, James Henderson, Renee Armstrong, etc..Maybe some of them will find this site and read this.

    • I went to JBG also. Loved Ms Smith, she was a great teacher. Classmates: Carla Cook, Grace Williams.

  19. I have 2 “yearbooks” form 62 & 63 in near mint. I posted them on

    • Thank you So Very Much for posting the video, it is interesting. I Hate that the city allowed to let the school go down hill like they did, they should be locked up & then shot.. I am going to be there my self on Sat. Nov. the 2ed. between the hours of 9am & 11am.. This was the Very Best school that I ever went to, and now they are talking about tearing the place down. What a Shame.

  20. Hi Joyce and Phyllis

    I believe that we spent a few years at JBG and EA high together.

    I believe that I still have my JBG annual filed away somewhere. In addition, for more recent photos, I went on the grounds a couple of years ago and took pics outside and went inside (when it was easier to do from a back window) and took several more. I wanted to see one of my old class rooms, but would not have recognized it if I did. I used these pics in a book of the old days in EA with as many old pics as possible.

  21. I went to John B. Gordon for one year and a summer, 6th grade, 1963.

    I (and a all of my friends) were the victim of a little bit of Atlanta history that has been mostly forgotten and buried. We attended Whitefoord Elem. School on Whitefoord Ave. We lived on Woodbine Ave.

    In 1963, to implement “integration” the Atlanta School system converted previously all white schools to all black schools. Whitefoord was one of these schools. Although it was the neighborhood school, and our neighborhood was predominately white, we could not attend. We had to go to J.B. Gordan. Fortunately some of our teachers made the transfer.

    I would like to say that it was my happiest year, but it wasn’t because as in the nature of 11 and 12 year olds, there were the dislocated Whitefoord kids plopped down in the middle of a strange school. This was also the time that I-20 was being completed through E. Atlanta, and the E. Atlanta neighborhoods were being divided into. There’s no way that type of disruption to neighborhoods would be allowed today,

    Also, Atlanta didn’t provide transportation, so we either walked, or occasionally road a bicycle. I hated the walk because we had to go through so many “strange” neighborhoods.

  22. Hey did anyone go there in 67_69 ; i thinMyk best teacher there was mrs. King m 4 th gr.

    • Sorry my phones acting crazy my best buds were jack carr &tony mason &david moss we lived on faith ave. Krytals dairy queen hoir on thursdway those were the day!!

  23. I walked around the school & firehouse Saturday morning (Dec 14 2013). My photos are no improvement to what you have. Lovely site. With a refurb, it’d blend in with the mall a mile north that has B Dalton etc. Lovely window arches. All plywooded now, of course. The fire station is being auctioned off by the city on the 20th. Skin is rough, but it’d make a grand auto repair shop.

  24. Went to Gordon Elem. K-7th, graduated, in 1979. Played basketball with, Otis Hutchinson, Ronnie Lucas, Rodney Brown, to name a few, lived at 1425 Mc McPherson Ave. East Atlanta.

  25. I am trying to locate a teacher from John B Gordon Elementary who taught there in 1969 her name is I believe, Carolyn Johnson. Has anyone else heard of her??

  26. Hi Guys,
    I have started a facebook group for John B Gordon Elementary Alumni. Please come over an join us. I would love to see your photos and read your stories about the school. I went there 1966-1970.
    Lately, a tramp set a fire on the top floor and the roof has now caved in. Am unhappy with that!!
    See you soon.

  27. I went to John B. Gordon from 1972-1978. I have very fond memories of attending. My 1st grade teacher was Ms. Davis, she wore lots of makeup! I skipped the 2nd grade, my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Johnson, 4th grade was my favorite teacher Ms. Canidate, 5th grade Ms. Adams, 6th grade long nose Mr. Price. We used to joke about how we could ride his nose. 7th grade teacher was big booty Ms. Springs. She wore a sheer, see through 2piece outfit every Friday. I haven’t been right since. Lol. When I started the school Mr Pepe was the principal with his paddle he called Mr. Do Right! Mr Chandler came later. I remember Willis Bakery just around the corner on Flat Shoals, the movie theater where I saw “The Dynamite Brothers” karate movie. How many of you remember Archie’s Sporting Goods? Used to be a Hardware store where the Grant Central Pizza place is now. Honda Joe who ran the motorcycle graveyard. The Graveyard restaurant pays homage to him by keeping the name. Sad to see the school go.

  28. I went there from the late 50s to 60s. It was a great place. The food wasn’t bad and the rolls were great. In the 7th grade, do any of you remember a girl named cynthia smith? She loved horses as much as I did. We moved and I never did get to see here again.

  29. In 1961′ I went to John b. Gordon as a first year sixth grade teacher. It was a wonderful experience for me. After spending over 40 years in education as a teacher, high school counselor and system administator those were some of my favorite years, I did the Gray-Y after school program there too, just seeing names like, H.F. Reagin, Henry George, Mike and Ricky Green, Vicki Aven, Susan and Greg Sherrikk, Kim Crutchfield, Larry. Haynes, Steve Cassell, Mrs. Miller, Misses Thrasher, Taylor, Sutton, Virginia Giglio, Mike Bowman, Alan Breedlove, Billy Carson and a host of others brings back an awareness od what great young people I had the privilege of knowing.

    • Mr Brandon,

      I was in you sixth grade class in 1961. I don’t know how many times I have played the Constantinople trick on my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Hope you are doing well.

  30. Kinda sad to see my old elementary school being torn down. My brother, Rick and I went their during the 50’s. There were lots of good memories from those years. Running up and down the ramps to get to our rooms. And at lunch time going down the stairs and touching the soft pipes above our heads to watch the “snow” fall (asbestos). Going to recess and playing games on the softball field, and circle dodge ball in the parking lot, I was the best at that game. I remember some of my teachers, Mrs. Dickerson, Mrs. House, Mrs. Johnson and my favorite was Mrs. Thrasher my 4th grade teacher. Rick an I would ride our bikes from home (East Side Ave) to Gordon when we were in 6th & and 7th grades. And all those great memories of our classmates, Terry Hunt, Bunnie Leathers, Mary Ann Bresenstien, Bobby Goodwin, Pinky Dowdle, Bobbie Burgess, Tommy Chapmen, Billy Cole, all good friends with so many good memories. Truly those were the “good ole days at John B Gordon”.

  31. Just had a reminiscing thought about my old grammar school, John B. Gordon and low and behold I see names of old classmates and even one of my favorite teachers, Mr. B (Brandon). I too, went to John B. Gordon back in the mid to late 50’s and early 60’s. I and my sister (Claudia) and brothers (Bobby and Ronnie) have lots of fond memories of going to school as well as growing up in the little community of East Atlanta. Some of my favorite recollections of the school was the unique cafeteria we had in the basement area where you had to walk down those wooden stairs at the incline hallway near the auditorium, the Super Halloween Carnivals that we had inside the school building (remember ooey-gooey bags at one of the games),and the huge playground where we had recess playing dodge ball and hop scotch and all the fun equipment we got to play on. But you can’t forget all those wonderful teachers who gave us 100% or more of their time and ability to teach us, they were the best. I have two of our yearbooks (named the Jaybeegee) from 1962 and 1963 which show lots of the activities and pictures of students and places inside and outside the school. I feel we were some of the luckiest kids in the world to have experienced living in East Atlanta and going to John B. Gordon school as well as East Atlanta High and the other surrounding high schools. Thanks for the memories!

  32. This school was probably a great school when it was in use but now it looks like a lump of junk taking up land when they could tear it down and build a park

    • The building is currently being torn down so developers can build an apartment complex. I hope it does the original building some justice.

  33. I posted (along with others) previously. All of us were students there. Have our posted memories been deleted along with JBG?

    • Thanks for the heads up. The comments are still here, they just couldn’t be viewed. I gave the site a little facelift and they are back now. Enjoy!

  34. I attended JBG in the1950s. Lived on Haas ave. the teachers were great!.

  35. I went to JBG in the fifties.I remember Mrs Clements as the best teacher there I came from a poor family.One Easter my family couldn’t afford to buy my sister,Paula and me new dresses. Mrs Clements came to our house the day before Easter and brought us each a beautiful Easter dress, along with new shoes and Easter baskets! God bless her. We lived on Haas ave. enjoyed walking to the Madison theater.Those were the golden years!


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